Fairhaven Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA)

Fairhaven CEA is a program offered by the town of Fairhaven to provide new electricity supply options and more renewable energy to Fairhaven residents and businesses.  The delivery of electricity and billing for use is still completed through Eversource, so customers continue to receive one bill from the utility.

Tax Deductions: The cost of the additional renewable energy provided through Fairhaven Community Electricity Aggregation is eligible for a federal tax deduction. To receive a receipt to file with your 2022 taxes, you must fill out the form here. Hard copy letters are not being mailed.

Electricity Options

The aggregation programs for all municipalities participating in the MASSCEA buying group have been renewed for an additional term through late fall 2025. New pricing, shown below, will go into effect starting December 2023. The programs’ supplier will remain Constellation.

Most customers do not need to take any action to receive the new pricing. However, due to requirements from the Department of Public Utilities, customers currently in the 50% or 100% Green products must affirmatively re-enroll or their accounts will be returned to Basic Service.

To re-enroll we recommend submitting a request through the enroll form below. Alternatively you can contacting the supplier, Constellation, at (833) 461-0813.

The program adds 10% of renewable energy certificates to the standard option, and also offers an option with 100% total energy from renewable energy certificates so you can make an even bigger impact in your support for renewable energy resources in New England. You can sign up for either option, choose a basic option without extra renewable electricity, return to the default or leave the program at any time. You can also check the sample bill for an illustration of a simple way to tell if you a part of the CEA program.

Questions about the changes? Join a virtual info session on Nov 9, 2023 at 2pm or watch the recording here.

Fairhaven New Program prices starting December 2023 compared to Eversource

Standard Product (default)
Fairhaven Basic Product Fairhaven Plus
(formerly called Local Green 100%)
Basic Service
Basic Service
16.189 ¢/kWh
All Rate Classes
15.784 ¢/kWh
All Rate Classes
17.323 ¢/kWh
All Rate Classes
16.078 ¢/kWh
17.251 ¢/kWh
Adds 10% voluntary
renewable energy
(MA Class I RECs)
No additional
renewable energy
Adds voluntary
renewable energy
(MA Class I RECs)
to total 100%
No additional
renewable energy
No additional
renewable energy
December 2023 through November 2025 December 2023 through November 2025 December 2023 through November 2025 July 2023 through December 2023 January 2024 through
July 2024

Fairhaven Community Aggregation Program rates until November 2023*

Local Green 10%
Local Green 50%Local Green 100%Fairhaven BasicEversource Basic Service
All Rate Classes
All Rate Classes
$0.10470/kWh16.078 ¢/kWh
Renewable Energy CertificatesIncludes 10% more Renewable Energy Certificates, than required by the Commonwealth Includes 50% more Renewable Energy Certificates, than required by the CommonwealthIncludes Renewable Energy Certificates equal to 100% of the user’s electricity consumption, in addition to meeting all renewable energy requirementMeets all Renewable Energy Certificate requirementsMeets all Renewable Energy Certificate requirements
Term LengthJanuary 2021 through November 2023
January 2021 through November 2023
January 2021 through November 2023
January 2021 through November 2023
July through December 2023
Products described as Green contain Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs) above the amount required by the Commonwealth and come only from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion and low-impact hydro located within New England. Local refers to generation located in New England.

Please note: Prices for all products in the program include a $0.001/kWh administration fee. Program prices apply only to the electricity supply portion of your electric bill. Delivery charges on your electric bill are not affected by the program.

For new Industrial customers and for those customers who have previously opted-out of the program, the Program’s supplier may offer a market rate.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are the accepted legal instrument used to track renewable energy generation and to substantiate claims of renewable energy use. The additional RECs voluntarily purchased by the program qualify for MA Class I designation.

For Commercial and Industrial Eversource Basic Service Rates please check out the Eversource supply rates page.

Disclaimer: A goal of the CEA program is to produce savings for customers, but savings cannot be guaranteed compared to the utility’s basic service rate which changes every six months for Residential and Commercial customers, and every three months for Industrial customers. The aggregation program seeks to provide price stability and average savings over the full term of the program, but because future basic service rates are not known, there is no guarantee of savings.

Enroll or change option

If you’re already participating in the Community Electricity Aggregation program, you can also use this form to change products.

If you are not participating in the Community Electricity Aggregation program, you can use this online form to enroll in one of the Community Electricity Aggregation options. Full enrollment in your chosen product is pending, based on the utility’s acceptance of your submission. If accepted, your program rate will be reflected in the Supply section of your utility bill in one to two billing cycles. 

If you are currently a customer of a competitive supplier, you may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from your supplier if you switch from the competitive supplier to the Program during the term of your contract. There is no charge for leaving Basic Service, however, Industrial customers leaving fixed-price Basic Service may receive a billing adjustment that may be a credit or a charge.

Be sure to use the name and address associated with the account!

Be sure to use the name and address associated with the account!

Located below the account number on your bill (usually the first four letters of the last name associated with the residential account, or first four letters of the commercial account name.

Renewable Energy in the Fairhaven CEA

Fairhaven CEA is committed to supporting the growth of new renewable energy resources in our region. While the Commonwealth requires electricity consumers to include more renewable energy generation over time, the pace of change needs to be faster to mitigate the effects of climate change. Fairhaven Community Electricity Aggregation is leveraging the buying power of our community to support renewable energy generation in New England.

Using our combined buying power for change

Fairhaven’s standard product includes 10% Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs), in addition to the requirements of the Commonwealth (Read more about the renewable energy requirements in Massachusetts), and most residents and businesses in Fairhaven are in the standard product. Across our entire community, these additional REC purchases add up to a substantial impact. For those who want to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, the Fairhaven CEA offers a Plus product that adds MA Class I RECs to total 100% renewable energy certificates.

RECs are the accepted legal instrument used to track renewable energy generation and to substantiate claims of renewable energy use. 

Supporting renewable resources on our electricity grid

All of the additional RECs in Fairhaven CEA come from MA Class I resources that are part of our ISO-New England electricity grid. This means the energy sources are located in New England or the energy is imported as allowed by ISO-New England from locations such as New York or eastern Canada. 

Fairhaven CEA goes even further: all of our MA Class I RECs come from sources exclusively located in New England. See below for a map of our sources.

Location matters

Our REC purchases stands in contrast to some electricity supplies who obtain RECs from national sources (e.g. Texas), where the electricity is not part of our ISO-New England electricity grid.  These suppliers  purchase national wind RECs for a fraction of the cost of a New England equivalent, but you get what you pay for: national wind RECs are cheap because places like Texas, where they are often sourced, don’t have high development costs for energy projects. To change our electricity generation from burning natural gas and other fossil fuels to renewable sources, our program purchases RECs that are sourced in New England and meet the MA Class I standards. That way, our program is supporting the fuel shift and the transition to a sustainable future. 

Supporting Zero-Emission and Methane-Destroying sources

Fairhaven CEA’s extra RECs only come from zero emission sources, such as solar, wind, low impact hydropower1, and sources that destroy methane, such as anaerobic digestion. Methane has a global warming potential (GWP) 28-36 times greater than CO2 over a 100 year period2. Combustion destroys methane and releases some CO2, resulting in a net reduction in GWP. Other forms of biomass are explicitly not purchased, due to their positive emissions of CO2 during their life cycles.

Sources of our Renewable Energy Generation

Green Energy Consumers Alliance resource map

All of the extra renewable energy certificates in the Fairhaven CEA are provided through the local non-profit, Green Energy Consumers Alliance.

Resources that have recently been, are in, or are contracted with Green Energy Consumers as of October 2020.

1 Hydro projects that do not exceed 30 MW built after 1997 or have capacity additions or efficiency improvements made after 1997 (MA Class I eligible), and Low Impact Hydro Institute (LIHI) certified.

2 Methane has a global warming potential (GWP) 28-36 times greater than CO2 over a 100 year period. Combustion destroys methane and releases some CO2, resulting in a net reduction in GWP. For more, see Environmental Protection Agency, Understanding Global Warming Potentials.  https://www.epa.gov/ghgemissions/understanding-global-warming-potentials

Support and information

If you have questions about your participation, contact the electricity supplier, Constellation at (833) 461-0813, or by email at vst@constellation.com. For general program questions you can reach Good Energy, the consultant that manages the Program, by submitting an inquiry or comment by completing the Contact Us form.

Use our bill calculator to compare the monthly costs of CEA and Utility’s Basic Service.

How to leave the Fairhaven CEA program

If you do not wish to participate in the CEA program, you may submit the opt-out form below or contact the current program supplier, Constellation NewEnergy at (833) 461-0813.

Compare rates for the Fairhaven CEA program with Eversource

Supply Cost
Fairhaven Standard
10% More MA Class I RECs
than Required by MA Law
$0.16189 $
Fairhaven Plus
100% total Renewable Energy
$0.17323 $
Fairhaven Basic
Meets Renewable Energy Content
Required by MA Law
$0.15784 $
EVERSOURCE RATES, through December 2023
RESIDENTIAL $0.16078 $

CEA program materials

View Fairhaven’s Opt-Out Letter

Read through Fairhaven’s approved Aggregation Plan

View Electric Generation Disclosure Label

View Product Summary Form

Visit the Department of Public Utilities (D.P.U.) website and the Department of Energy Resources website on municipal aggregation.